About Us

Our History

Established in 1976, Bindweld began as a manufacturer of vinyl and polypropylene stationery by Director Bill Matousi.  In 1995, the business expanded by extruding its own polypropylene sheeting and Rhino Thermex (AUS) was born.

In 2004 the business had grown to the point that a Sydney sales office opened.  It was shortly after this that Bindweld shifted its manufacturing know how and focus to using and offering substrates including cardboard, MDF, acrylic and vac forming.

Early in 2011 Bindweld opened the China sales office, expanding the range and offering for our clients.  And in 2014 the Brisbane sales office also opened to maintain our customer focus.

What We Do

Put simply, Bindweld do it all for you under the one roof.  From start to finish we have the process and capabilities to cover every issue you may encounter.  Whether it be a satchel, ringbinder, hangsell, display bin, floor stand or counter unit, we can offer the lot.

As a manufacturer we offer:

    Custom Design

    Concept sketches and/or fully functional and printed samples

    All forms of printing in house – screen, digital and offset print

    Thermal die cutting


    Heat bending

    CNC routering


    Custom packing 24/7

    Various materials on offer based on requirements

    Our Advantage

    Part of our business ethos is to create, innovate and pioneer in whatever we do.  We continue to push the limits in new ways by reinvigorating various materials through design and function; travelling the world to learn and maintain competitive advantage.

    We know that sometimes you just need to get the job done.  As a manufacturer, Bindweld understands that deadlines are often the most important aspect a supplier needs to uphold.  We make deadlines happen, deliver to multiple destinations around the country and pack, label and bundle in-house.


    Bindweld offer a range of substrates to clients based on performance and need. Whether it be a temporary or permanent solution, Bindweld can create almost anything with many materials at its disposal.  Polypropylene, twin wall plastic flute, board of all types and thicknesses (including GSM card and B-flute), Acrylic, various wood materials, and all forms of metal.  These are just a few materials that Bindweld works with on a daily basis.